About Xen Tableau

Xen Tableau is the brainchild of Nicola Barden and Paul Bailey, the 2nd generation of a longstanding Solid Surface Fabrication business of over 40 years. 

The mission was simple: to translate this amazing material beyond its normal applications. For years the fabrication business has (and still) defies the "norm" - with wonderous items shaped and formed, adoring commercial and residential premises all around the UK, and overseas. You are more than likely to have come into contact with their work - without even knowing it!

Xen Tableau takes this a stage further by diversifying what can be achieved using this material, and making that luxury accessible to all.

Solid Surface (commonly known as Corian - but this is just a brand of the material), is non-porous, meaning that stains, germs and other nasties cannot live or remain on it. 

It is hard-wearing, dynamic, and will last.

Coupling this with a deliberate intention to make our items easy to put together yourself - without the need for complex instructions or a Ph.D in Alien Languages, each unique style is designed and hand-crafted in the UK. Whilst people can purchase the same "item", no two will ever be identical - such is the beauty of the bespoke.

You didn't know you wanted or needed one of our unique tables, but now you have seen them, you realise they were exactly what you were looking for! 

Go on, you deserve it!